Doug graduated from the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering. He worked in the defense industry for 5 years, followed by 3 years in the medical industry. He along with his father created the Guard Dog Valves, with the mission of creating a better solution to eliminating the waste of water by providing cost efficient products. 

Doug works with the UCF College of Engineering, advising senior design groups on water conservation projects. 

Our Mission Statement

To stop the waste of water, by providing innovative solutions to preventing leaks and water damage

Water conservation is an important issue today. Using water efficiently by avoiding waste is essential to ensure that we protect one of our world's most precious natural resources. America (and many other countries around the world) are facing a clean water crisis. By purchasing a Guard Dog Valve, you have the opportunity to do your part towards water conservation and you will save money in the process.

The toilet could be wasting over 200 gallons of water each day, making it the biggest culprit of water waste in your home. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that 27% of residential water is consumed by the toilet. Other groups believe that number is closer to 45%

We have designed a product that cuts back on this consumption by only allowing water to flow when someone is present. This eliminates thousands of gallons that get wasted each month due to leaky flappers, bad wax rings, broken or tangled chains on the lever, etc. For seasonal residents who own multiple homes, our product will prevent any break in your toilet from flooding your home while you are away (which can cause thousands of dollars of damage). The valve runs on 4 AA batteries which will last for over one year! 

The Solution 

Doug Guidish

CEO Guard Dog Valves