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Save up to 15% on your water bill!

Our valves prevent leaks in the leakiest items in your home, your toilets!

GDV (Final Design) Doug Top v4.4.png

BEAT the leak!

  • Motion sensor activates when user is present.

  • Valve opens to allow water to flow to the toilet

  • When the toilet flushes, the hydro-generator recharges the battery, meaning no regular battery maintenance

  • When the user leaves, the valve closes, preventing water from flowing to the toilet

  • No water flow = No continuous leaking

ROI and helping the world!

(win win)

The all new Guard Dog Valve prevents leaks in tank-filled toilets, saving you money, and helping stop the waste of water! In the U.S. alone, we waste over 1 TRILLION gallons of water per year. With nearly 30% of the water flowing into your home going down the toilet, there's a lot of water that can be saved. This not only saves you money based on the water coming in, but also the sewage tax coming out! Throw in a Tiered pricing structure from your utility company, and it becomes pretty clear how one can save 10-20% on their water bill! 

These savings grow the longer you have Guard Dog Valves installed in your home. A leaking toilet can waste about 200 gallons every day, and due to sediment buildup, material degradation, leaks are bound to occur during the lifetime of a toilet. Don't wait to protect your wallet.

Water Damage.jpg

Powered by H2O


The technical term is energy harvesting. Simply put, we took an age old concept, the water wheel, miniaturized it, and integrated it into our new Guard Dog Valves. This generates energy, keeping the valve powered. No replacing batteries, no hard wiring required, simply tie it into your flow of water, and you're all set. 

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