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Are leaking toilets costing you?

Unleash the power of Guard Dog Valves to protect your property and save money on your water bill.

  • Home Owners

    Keep your water bill from getting out of control due to leaky toilets!

  • Hotels & Property Managers

    Our simple device unlocks huge savings for hotels and property managers!

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Simple to Use

The motion sensor detects when a user is present and allows water to flow to the toilet. No person = No water flow (aka no waste)


Easy to Install

Our product can be installed in minutes, providing an easy transition to saving water.


Discover the Revolutionary Device Every Smart Property Owner Swears By: Guard Dog Valve

Protect your property and your wallet from costly water damage while conserving precious water.

BEAT the leak!

  • Motion Sensor activates when user is present
  • Valve opens to allow water to flow to the toilet
  • When the toilet flushes, the hydro-generator recharges the battery
  • No regular battery maintenance
  • When the user leaves, the valve closes
  • Preventing water from flowing to the toilet
  • No water flow = No continuous leaking
  • The technical term is energy harvesting. Simply put, we took an age old concept, the water wheel, miniaturized it, and integrated it into our new Guard Dog Valves.

    This generates energy, keeping the valve powered.

    No replacing batteries, no hard wiring required, simply tie it into your flow of water, and you're all set.